Unused flat roofs

Unused flat roofs are not intended for permanent mechanical stresses. They are only be entered for maintenance or repair purposes. This also includes extensive green roof areas. The requirements for mechanical resistance of such a roofing system are only standard. The uses of KÖSTER TPO membranes also include sloped roofs.

All KÖSTER TPO membranes can be used for this case.

Flat roofs in use

Flat roofs that are being used are understood to be roofs that are used as, for example, terraces, balconies, recessed balconies, access balconies, roofs with intensive green roofs, and roofs with solar systems.

Roofs in use also include earth-covered ceiling surfaces.

All KÖSTER TPO membranes can be used for this case.

Trafficable flat roofs

Areas for light traffic, such as bridges for pedestrians and bicycles, parking decks and passageways, can be waterproofed with TPO membranes as a crack bridging solution. The membranes can be installed directly onto the concrete or on the thermal insulation layer. Depending on the requirements, separation and gliding layers, protective and load distribution layers, as well as wear layers must be applied to protect the waterproofing. Suitable separation, protection and gliding layers can be for example geotextiles, PE foil, or nonwoven textiles, depending on the design requirements. Load distribution layers are concrete, precast concrete paving slabs, or tiles. As a wear layer cast asphalt, cast asphalt mortar, in-situ concrete with a strength of at least C30/37, or suitable load distribution layers are used.  

All KÖSTER TPO membranes can be used for this case.


Green roofs

A green roof is alive. The roots of the trees and shrubs planted in the humus layer can penetrate the waterproofing membrane layer, causing leakages. This makes special root protection measures necessary. KÖSTER TPO membranes are root-resistant. This eliminates the need for an additional root protection layer in the green roof structure.

  • Improvement of work and living environment
  • Water reservoir: the condensation of the stored water provides cooling and air humidification
  • Excess water is withheld in strong rain
  • Habitat for plants and animals
  • Improved thermal insulation
  • Saving energy costs in the winter
  • 'natural' air conditioning in the summer
  • increased noise insulation
  • Air pollutants and fine particles are filtered by plants on the green roof 
For green roofs a root resistance has to be proven by a so called FLL test. This test certificate is available for KÖSTER TPO 2.0 and KÖSTER TPO 1.8.