RT 820 F - KÖSTER TPO 2.0 F

KÖSTER TPO 2.0 F is a hot-air-welding plastic roofing and waterproofing membrane made of thermoplastic polyolefins (TPO) based on Polyethylene with a central glass fleece insert and an additional polyester fleece backing. KÖSTER TPO roofing membranes are mechanically fastened to seal roofs with direct weathering, used under load (e.g. gravel, green roofs) or used for installation with adhesive.

KÖSTER TPO waterproofing membranes can be used in building waterproofing.

Technical Data Sheet


2.0 mm x 1.50 m x 20 m (RT 820 150 F SG)

2.0 mm x 1.50 m x 20 m (RT 820 150 F)

2.0 mm x 1.05 m x 20 m (RT 820 105 F)

2.0 mm x 0.525 m x 20 m (RT 820 052 F)